Modern Warfare 2, 360 vs PS3 [Update]

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Modern Warfare 2 is the year's biggest game, and it's a multiplatform title to boot. And those kind of games always beg the question: which one looks better?

Those sensible types, the ones after a comprehensive run-down of the game across PS3 and 360, cataloguing stuff framerate, lighting and motion, will have to wait for the first reviews to start trickling in. Sorry. Those after a quick hit of superficial screenshot comparisons, however, are already being well catered for.

German site videogameszone have posted a range of screens comparing both console versions of the game, and while they can't show how the game looks in motion, they can give you a quick look at how the two versions shape up.


As you can see, in these screens, the PS3 version looks a little...flat. However, since the first Modern Warfare remains one of the best-performing multiplatform games on the PS3, remember: these screens probably don't tell the whole story. And hey, in one or two, the PS3 turns the tables and looks nice than the 360 version. So go figure.

The above shot is probably the most informative, however, there are plenty more at the link below.

UPDATE - Oh dear. Seems videogameszone didn't do their homework on the screengrabs, with the site admitting that the PS3 ones were not taken correctly. Those waiting for a proper breakdown are just going to have to wait another day or two.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Grafik-Vergleich zwischen PS3 vs. Xbox 360 [videogameszone]

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Another one quashed then? You know, I've had a PS3 almost since launch, and I've never played a game on it that looks as washed out as they do in these pointless comparison shots. Please try and do your own homework before stirring up shit :\ #modernwarfare2