Modern Family Is Already Enjoying Nvidia's Shield

Mere days after the announcement of its $350 price tag and June release date, Nvidia's Shield Android handheld is already showing up in the background of popular television shows. Look what Modern Family's Luke Dunphy has traded in his Nintendo 3DS for.

As spotted over at Game Usagi, Lucas brings Nvidia's new portable along for a family RV ride in lieu of his usual handheld system of choice, perhaps lured by the potential of the Tegra 4 processor, or the ability to stream games from a Geforce GTX video card-toting PC. Or maybe some advertising money changed hands.


It's a rather subtle appearance, especially considering the average younger gamer likely has no idea what the Shield looks like, and would probably mistake it for a fancy 3DS play-through case if pressed to identify it. It'll get there.

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Just imagine a Super Mario Bros 3 level of product placement if TV shows and movies have the next gen Xbox being played.