Modders Take Ark: Survival Evolved To The Moon

Part of what’s made Ark: Survival Evolved such a big hit is the blend of Stone Age tropes and resource gathering. Players feel like they’re surviving by their wits. Would the same mechanics feel as good on the moon? A new mod aims to give players the chance.

Ark: Moon Survival is a conversion mod for the PC version of Studio Wildcard’s popular scavenging title that shift the stage to a lonely moon base. Here’s how its creators are describing their work:

The Astronomia space traveling company just discovered what appears to be the dinosaur bones on the surface of the moon. In the samples back to Earth after the Apollo 16 mission, some bones seem to be dinosaurs bones dating from prehistoric times. After this strange discovery, you were sent on the moon to find out more about these dinosaurs bones and make discoveries that could change the humanity history!

Take the role of a rookie space traveler of the Astronomia Company.

You start on the Moon, in your space base and your mission is to stay alive to learn more about the dinosaur bones.

You will be able to search ores and resources to craft tools, weapons and other equipments that will help you to survive on this hostile moon.

You will also have the opportunity to drive a rover, a new vehicle that will be available on the market place, or with a complex craft. The rover will be very important, it will allow you to move much faster, carry a lot of resources and escape your enemies.

In this mod, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover a new ecosystem and huge plains.
  • Explore the moon to find rare items and ressources.
  • Pay attention to your level of oxygen to stay alive.
  • Build your space base.
  • Craft a lot of useful machines.
  • Drive a moon rover.
  • Make friends or enemies.
  • And much more!

You can vote for the mod here on the Ark forums and get it here on Steam.

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Now, if only the animals in Ark were trying to be even REMOTELY accurate.... Then I would buy the game. Like, seriously, its 2016. Every time I see a “raptor” or Tyrannosaurus without feathers (Especially in the case of the former, I can kind of forgive the latter a bit as its something that requires a BIT more research) I come an inch closer to losing my damn mind. At least Saurian is slooooowly inching along in development.