Modder Makes Minecraft Level, Puts it in Super Mario 64 DS

Illustration for article titled Modder Makes emMinecraft/em Level, Puts it in emSuper Mario 64 DS/em

There's not much to do inside the level, mind you, but it's an interesting proof of concept for sure.


Of course, you can't just grab a world from Minecraft and put it in a DS game willy-nilly. The level itself had to be modeled from scratch, then imported using specialized modding tools developed especially for the game.

Why would anyone do that, you might ask. Well, why the hell not?

Minecraft level imported to Super Mario 64 DS [Reddit]

Minecraft in SM64DS [YouTube]

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Cheese Addict

This mostly reminds me of my original gray DS, with the little thumb-nub in the strap, which was stolen along with all my games way back in the day. I've gotten a DS Lite since, but I haven't re-bought this game, though I totally should.

It'll be annoying trying to play it without the thumb-nub though.