Modded Borders Make The SNES Classic Even Prettier

Kirby border by Robin64 on NeoGAF

The SNES Classic hacking scene isn’t all about adding more games to Nintendo’s latest retro console. It’s also about adding pretty custom borders to really make those extra games pop.

The rapidly-developing SNES Classic hacking scene has already gotten to the point where owners of the system can add new stuff relatively easily. While the console comes with a small selection of pre-loaded borders to give players something to fill their widescreen televisions while playing old school titles—some even dynamically change color depending on the game you’re playing— there’s plenty of room for improvement.

The default borders are pretty boring.

One fun idea, as demonstrated by NeoGAF user Robin64's extensive collection of custom borders, is to tailor the art to the game you’re playing.

Slightly more Finally Fantastic, via Robin64.

I’m also a fan of taking a screen from a similar, higher fidelity game and using that to frame the SNES version, as NeoGAF’s Dimentios did with this Donkey Kong Country-themed border.


Looking for something a little more universal? DarkGiygas created this awesome border, which mimics original Super Nintendo box art.


But really the sky is the limit here. As long as you have a 1280 by 720 piece of art that works well with a massive hole in the middle, better SNES Classic border art is just a few short steps away.

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