How am I supposed to care about the main characters in Spacetime Studios' latest mobile and browser MMO when there's an adorable little puppy following me around? Hopefully they'll take the cuteness down a touch once Arcane Legends gets out of the cinematic trailer phase.

Spacetime Studios has been kicking out legendary MMO jams on Android, iOS and Google Chrome since Pocket Legends burst on the scene back in 2010. Since then we've gone through Star Legends (space!) and Dark Legends (vampires). This fall we get Arcane Legends (ar..canes?!).


Arcane Legends looks like standard fantasy fare, enhanced by party combo attacks and pets with unique skill sets that level as the player does. The opportunities for monetization are endless.

Arcane Legends is due out later this fall. Until then, park yourself at the Spacetime Studios website and wait.

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