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MK vs. DC: Hands On With The Joker

Midway had a new build of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe on hand at the Leipziger Messe, giving Games Convention attendees a total of ten fighters to choose from, including the newly added Kitana. While the most recently announced kombatants weren't yet unlocked, the first villain on the DC side Joker was. How does he fight? Not exactly well known for his hand-to-hand combat skills, the Joker comes appropriately equipped with a bag of tricks. From a comically large, spring loaded boxing glove that has an amazing reach to a pocket full of smiley faced bombs, the Joker flexes his fisticuffs skills beyond just punches and kicks.Not surprisingly, the Joker can throw deadly playing cards, one of his projectile attacks. He can also lob short fuse bombs, at close or far range. The former will knock his opponent away from the Joker, the latter will launch the bomb victim at the Joker. That bomb can also be used in another suite of moves, one that will make the Joker a force to be reckoned with. He can emit a camouflaging puff of bright green smoke, allowing the player to parlay that into one of four moves — a pistol whip, a sliding double kick, a jumping double kick, or an up close, hand delivered bomb. The special is perfect for sowing confusion, making the Joker players will probably love to hate being matched up against. That giant glove I mentioned earlier not only has serious range, it can do multiple hits. The animation requires a lot of frames, however, so it's a dangerous move. The Joker also carries an electrocuting hand buzzer. Attack while he has his hand exposed and the Joker's opponent will receive quite a shock. Finally, the Joker has a little jig that... well, I don't know what that one does, as Batman's arch nemesis just kind of prances about for a second or two. The Midway developed title has one new addition we hadn't seen in previous hands-on time with the game. The Games Convention build of MK vs. DCU features a new "Rage" meter, just below the health bars. It will fill as you take damage, building up in two parts. When the meter is full, pulling the left trigger (or is it both triggers?) will make your character "power up", emitting a small burst of energy and giving him or her a golden glow. The Rage meter will slow deplete, giving your attacks a bit more oomph — but not something we really noticed. We'll ask Midway for further details on how that affects gameplay.

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