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Remakes are all the rage these days! Whether it's literally remaking a classic, or just putting out "reimaginings" of long-running franchises, we can't get enough of the good old stuff. By re-releasing Rez on XBLA, you'd think Q's Tetsuya Mizuguchi would be big on the idea of remaking more of his classic titles, right? Like...Space Channel 5, maybe? Sadly, he's not, telling Eurogamer there's no "really special reason to remake Space Channel 5 now". Reason being that Rez was an experience, which could be improved upon with HD graphics, 5:1, etc, while SC5 is "funny, like a comical TV show. I don't feel the need for much more resolution in that!". Oh dear. Just because YOU don't need to see Ulala in a higher resolution, Miz, doesn't man WE don't need to.


Tetsuya Mizuguchi Interview [Eurogamer] [Pic]

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