Miyamoto: New Zelda Won't Be "Radically Different"

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So Nintendo is making a new Zelda. Exciting! And with the new Wii MotionPlus, the possibilities are endless.


Since the last console Zelda, Twilight Princess, was originally developed for the GameCube and ultimately released on the Wii. The upcoming Zelda would be developed for the console from the ground-up.

Guess that means we'd be getting a brand new Zelda experience? Well...

"I don't think it's going to be that radically different," Shigeru Miyamoto told Nintendo Power.


Ah, crud.

Fingers crossed Miyamoto is simply being humble and lower expectations so Zelda hype doesn't spin out of control. Then again, maybe he's just being honest.

Read-a-Long with Nintendo Power #244 (August 2009) [Aeropause via VG247]

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Son of a biscuit. The press is never happy. People get pissed cuz Nintendo is revamping their games too much, and now, when Miyamoto says Zelda will be the same (which is a GOOD thing) everyone is pissed at that. Why is no one ever happy with Nintendo?! I think that Zelda is a great franchise and does not need revamping. There is a reason it is as popular as it is. Leave it alone.

Heck, if they DID change it up, Ashcraft and everyone else would be dissapointed that Nintendo strayed from their "core" audience... Sheesh.