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When old-timey Nintendo gamers cried out for more old-timey Nintendo games, I don't think Punch-Out was what people had in mind. Wasn't what I had in mind. I had F-Zero 16:9 and Return To Luigi's Mansion in mind. Ah well! Punch-Out it is, and despite the game looking so early you'd swear they cobbled it together in a post-E3 frenzy of appeasement and atonement, people are excited. Will the knowledge that Shigeru Miyamoto is "producer" of the game get you any more excited? Because he is. Course, he's only a producer, not the producer, so all he could be doing is rubber-stamping and putting his name on the box, but even that should be enough for many of you. Shigeru Miyamoto Interviews Me About Hardcore Games, Also Talks ‘Punch-Out’ And ‘Mario,’ ‘Zelda’ Shortcomings [MTV]


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