Mirror's Edge On iPhone Doing The Canabalt

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I got a quick look at a pair of EA iPhone games yesterday, one that gave just about the best first impression of EA's spring line-up. That's the Canabalt-ish return of Mirror's Edge.

Signed documents prevent me from sharing the control intricacies of Mirror's Edge or even much of a description of the game, but I will share that this is an iPhone game to watch. It is a re-make of sorts of the first-person free-running console game of the same name. Mirror's Edge on iPhone is a side-scroller that appears to reward players who can propel its heroine's perpetual motion across a beautifully white-washed urban landscape.

The first game I thought of while trying Mirror's Edge on iPhone was Canabalt, the beloved (by us and others) indie side-scroller that features a hero who automatically and urgently runs away from disaster, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, as far as long as the player can keep him alive. Mirror's Edge may be more of a traditional game than that, with levels and enemies, but the very first thing I witnessed in the iPhone game was our hero Faith propelled into — ideally — perpetual, accelerating motion across roof-tops. It didn't seem like a rip-off but more of another entry into what could prove to be an enjoyable new genre of rapid platforming.


We'll have more impressions of Mirror's Edge later this month. The game is scheduled for April release.

Also worth keeping an eye on is EA's Skate-It, a skateboarding iPhone game modified from a DS title of the same name. That one is set for release later in the spring.

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What is the big friggin buzz about Canabalt?! It's a side scrolling on rails survival game. What's the big deal?! I don't get it! The only way to get blown away is to get totally suckered in by the 'story', which is never explained to us in the slightest, or the aesthetics, which could answers questions — like, ya know, why are aliens invading? What the hell are those things flying by in the background? Who is this guy? Where is he running to? WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS GAME? — and yet still doesn't! The only answers that can be made must be drawn out BY THE PLAYER! The gameplay may be fun, I guess, but it's got nothing that sets it apart from other similar games like Dino Run. Why is this game just making such a splash?! Especially when it's free online and there's a web browser on the iPhone... I'm not gonna give credit to a game, or any other form of media, when I have to condense meaning that it doesn't provide.

And I haven't said a thing about this version of Mirror's Edge! There were two things about Mirror's Edge that made it eye-catching and noteworthy. You were going around these rooftops, running from enemies, swiftly avoiding obstacles and making amazing jumps (1), and all from the first person perspective(2)! If you take away one of the primary things that made the game even worthwhile (considering the story wasn't that developed, the characters were kinda empty, the gameplay got stale after one playthrough), why would I play this version of this game?

Yet another example of games that shouldn't be ported to portable platforms.