Mini-Impressions Of PSP minis' Kahoots

Sony had a handful of its new minis available for the PSPgo available at Gamescom this week, including the platform puzzler Kahoots. For easy comparison's sake, think of Kahoots along the same lines of Lemmings or echochrome.

Your goal, like the goal of those aforementioned games, is to get the titular Kahoots to the exit, manipulating the tiles they walk on to guide them and save them from danger (read: spikes). Those tiles have various properties, some of which will cause the Kahoots to jump over the next tile or change their direction.


Like echochrome, it appears that the Kahoots won't suffer a nasty fate from falling off screen. They'll simply re-appear at the top, which you'll need to factor into your tile-switching strategy.

Some tiles have a catch, preventing you from moving them—all done with an on-screen cursor—or from moving other tiles past them. That means some tiles are bound between pairs of other bolted down tiles. Fortunately, it appears that Kahoots is generous with giving the player time to think about their tile-moving choices, as the game pauses while movable tiles are selected.

Graphically, Kahoots looks to incorporate a claymation-esque aesthetic, with soft, squishy characters and roughly-rendered tiles. Not the best looking thing at Gamescom by any means, but at least it's.... different?

Of course, if you'd like to play Kahoots for yourself, the Flash-based version is available right now, which should offer a good indication of the final product. The PSPgo's improved buttons and d-pad go a long way to making the experience better, should you like what you see here.

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