Minefold Offers Hosted Minecraft Servers for You and Your Friends

You love your Minecraft, but hate random strangers. Enter Minefold, a hosting service that carves out space for only you and your buddies to romp through Mojang's super-successful open world game. The two-man Australian company says it'll give players infinite worlds, too, so that you can create to your hearts' content. Minefold's currenty in beta with sign-ups now. [Minefold]

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This should be set as a sponsored post.

Also its seems like a total ripoff 12$ a month for a no name host provider which give you no real control or info on the hardware its running or on what data center its in. For all I know this is hosted in some dude basement. They dont even mention if they do backups or anything.

EDIT: Holy shit even their about me page has a story about one of the people running the company nuking their entire minecraft server by typing a command wrong.