Minecraft Would Look So Much Better With Physics Like This

Would a really sweet and totally accurate physics engine really add much to the addictive gameplay of world-carving indie hit Minecraft? Perhaps not, but this build and destroy demo—"Minecraft + Physics!"—according to its creator would certainly make it easier on the eyes.


Chris Delay of Introversion Software, makers of Uplink, Darwinia and DEFCON, is responsible for what he calls "just a prototype, just a Tuesday afternoon hobby project." That developer is currently hard at work on a game by the name of Subversion, but Delay teases "wouldn't it be awesome to play an FPS or a wargame with this kind of totally destructible environment?"

Yeah, that would be kind of awesome.

Delay explains how this project came about, what it all means and dives into the technical end of the pool at the Introversion forums if you'd like to learn more.


Minecraft + Physics = Awesome! [Introversion Forums]

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Space Dude

Is it just me or are voxels the latest craze? Hell, even in Tron: Legacy, people derezzed into voxels.

Voxatron has some pretty neat voxel physics too. If you wanna get your hands on voxel based destruction now, there's always Voxelstein: [voxelstein3d.sourceforge.net]