Following the announcement of Minecraft Xbox One's release date, here's Minecraft PS4, cropping up on the PlayStation Network, apparently, one day before the Xbox One version.

Similarly to Xbox One, you can upgrade to the new Minecraft for $5 as long as you already own the PS3 version. Otherwise, the game will cost $20—and for that, you get a Minecraft with worlds that are "36 times bigger" compared to the PS3 version, and, according to the PS Blog post, existing PS3 saves can also be imported in the new game.

When the Vita version came up in the comments, SCEA's Brian Silva said: "Mojang and 4J are working hard on it. We hope to update you soon." He also once again confirmed that the PS3 and Vita versions of Minecraft are cross-buy, so existing PS3 players will automatically have access to the Vita version once it's out.


As for the PS4 version, Silva noted that PS3 trophies won't, but purchased PS3 DLC will be carried over to the new game, and that a retail, disc-based PS4 Minecraft will be available at some point, with details coming "soon."

Minecraft PS4 Edition Coming to US Tomorrow [PlayStation Blog]

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