This looks way way way better than my castles, which are basically stone blocks with teeth. It’s why I mostly stick to the tried-and-true Crappy Wooden Rectangle™ houses nowadays.

Anyway, this pretty castle. It was built by Xidus933, who’s submitted several castles to r/minecraft in the past—this being the most recent and most well-received. Xidus tries to go for designs that are both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, or, in their words:

Something that does nothing but look good — “eggshell builds” — does not impress me. My builds look good, and are also 100% viable in Survival, although this particular build was constructed in Creative for easier prototyping. I also prefer the more militaristic fortress-style castles than the whimsical fortified manor houses that later castles developed into.


The resource pack used, Conquest, along with the Optifine mod, help a lot with the aesthetic bit. The castle works without them, but it’s not quite the same.

I particularly like how in the granary, Xidus used netherrack blocks for the hanging meat slabs, with dabs of redstone dust standing in for blood. Clever.


If you want to take the map for a spin, you can download it here. Otherwise, the full screenshot album’s below.


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