Minecraft Player Named 'MojangSucksDick' Gets Pranked By Mojang

Making a username in a fit of rage can lead to some pretty silly situations. Just ask the Minecraft player who gave themselves the username ‘MojangSucksDick.’


A few years ago, Reddit user jessemoforice had trouble logging into their Minecraft account. So instead of logging into their already existing account, they made a brand new one. ‘MojangSucksDick.’ It was a username made in anger, sure, but this person actually rolled with the username for a few years. Why not?

Last weekend, Jesse tried logging into their account once more. That’s when Jesse noticed something was different:

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Suddenly, Jesse’s Minecraft username wasn’t ‘MojangSucksDick.’ It was “NoWeDont.” But Jesse hadn’t changed their username. Mojang did. Marc Watson, a support agent at Mojang, took responsibility for the prank on Reddit.

“I was actually looking for [usernames with the words] %sucksdick, due to an unrelated report of harassment,” Watson explained. “Usually we let servers handle all moderation but it was a parent and a kid, and well, I was just covering some bases. I never did find the username they reported (they couldn’t remember the exact spelling), but I did find this gem. Glad OP was a good sport about it.”

Watson then explained that Mojang-changed usernames are usually the result of a very offensive handle—which of course makes sense.

“It’s pretty hard to shock the support team, but we’ve gotten some fairly horrific names,” Watson said. “Almost every time we will leave the name alone (even if it’s %mojang%) and leave it up to the servers to ban them. I prefer a light touch with a largely self-moderating community.”


This isn’t the first time an offensive username resulted in name-changing shenanigans. Back in February, a Minecraft player got turned into ‘FluffyBunny5’ after bypassing Minecraft’s word filter:


Ha. At least Mojang has a really good sense of humor about all of this!



so if i make my pseudo kinjasuxdicks what will it be changed to?