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Minecraft Patching Out Controversial Parrot Feeding Mechanic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After a minor controversy, Minecraft will change up the way players tame parrots, VICE Motherboard reports. And while it sounds like the least controversial mechanic in gaming history, the patch was spurned by a Reddit post with 37,000 upvotes that accused the game of potentially endangering real-life parrots.

In Minecraft, players feed chocolate chip cookies to parrots to train them or coax them into mating. On Reddit, a very concerned Minecraft citizen explained that, actually, feeding chocolate to parrots can kill them. “Literally millions of kids will play this game,” Redditer 1jl explained, “and chocolate and pet parrots are common enough that this will cause a problem.”


In an e-mail, Minecraft lead creative director Jens Bergensten told VICE Motherboard, “If Minecraft has any effect on children’s behavior, we want it to be a positive one, so we’ll change the item used to breed parrots before the 1.12 update is released.” That patch doesn’t have a set release date, but should be coming soon. Bergensten added that the idea to feed parrots cookies was originally a reference to the Nirvana song “Polly.” “We didn’t consider what the chocolate ingredient would mean to real life parrots,” he added.

(via VICE Motherboard)