Minecraft Maps Based on Four Great PlayStation Games

What do Ratchet & Clank, Infamous, Uncharted, and God of War have in common? Apart from the whole being-on-PlayStation thing? Yep, they all have Minecraft levels based on them. Good ones, too!


Of course, it's not the first time the abovementioned series had Minecraft levels made for them—people've created thousands upon thousands of Minecraft maps, after all—but these maps were made for a single contest, by dedicated, fairly large teams of builders. The results are rather impressive.

Even though the projects were uploaded over a period of a few days, each of them have been worked on for three weeks. The construction teams consisted of twenty people in total: ten volunteers, and ten pro builders. The Ratchet & Clank map, here, is from ThaekCorp:

The Infamous map was worked on by New Heaven:

Here's the Uncharted map from LanguageCraft. This one actually won the contest:

And finally, the God of War map from UCanCraft:

Quite awesome overall. Spotted a lot of familiar landmarks. If you wanna check these out in-game on PC, you can grab the God of War and Uncharted maps here and here. The other two, unfortunately, aren't downloadable yet, so keep an eye on the creators' pages if you want in.

via LanguageCraft@YouTube

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Minecraft and the incredible things people can create in it never ceases to amaze. The sheer amount of work and detail going into some of these works is crazy. Just...wow!

Anyone else suffer from Minecraft phobia? The fear of picking this game up and just being sucked into a black hole level time sink. Cool stuff like what's in these videos certainly isn't helping. Someday. Maybe?