Minecraft Maker Mojang Is Now Mojang Studios

Gif: Mojang Studios

The studio that built Minecraft is now many studios around the world, working on multiple games and projects. So, on the occasion of the studio’s 11th birthday, Mojang is now officially named Mojang Studios, with a fancy new logo and everything.


When video game developer Markus Persson released Minecraft on May 17, 2009, he used “Mojang Specifications” as his company name. That became Mojang AB in 2010, when Persson and Jakob “JahKob” Porsér incorporated the company. When Microsoft acquired the studio in 2014, Mojang came under the Microsoft Studios label. And now it’s Mojang Studios, a worldwide studio group that’s part of Microsoft’s worldwide studio group.

The change was announced on Sunday with a lengthy blog post explaining the rebranding, along with this fancy trailer.

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I know i know nitpick: i understand where the designer is coming from with the logo transition but i don’t really get it. Like i would have started with minecrafty pixels/voxels and turn them into the Mojang letters. This way it’s just a bunch of arbitrary symbols that in the last frame turn into letters. Cool idea, nice fluid anim but the idea doesn’t seem to be as solid as the execution. #graphicsdesignthings