Minecraft Is Coming To PSVR This Month

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As Sony begins a week of announcements for forthcoming PSVR games (although they stress, lacking any PS5-specific news), the first big reveal is that Minecraft is coming to the console goggles.

First and most importantly, it’s free to anyone who already owns Minecraft. The VR version will be arriving as a patch to the game later this month, although they’ve yet to commit to a firm date.

Second and probably quite importantly, it’s the exact same game, but now with added peripheral vision and accompanying nausea. (Your VR results may vary.)


Mojang say Minecraft VR will be playable in two modes, Immersive and Living Room. And then don’t go on to say what that means. (Although it’ll likely be this.) They do however state, “I guarantee you will jump out of your skin at some point.” Which is going to lead to one hell of a safety warning on launch.

The Sony Space Glasses™ version is based on the same VR tech that lets Minecraft be played in surroundvision on PC, having been tweaked and folded by SkyBox Labs and Mojang for the console.

So now you’ll finally be able to play Minecraft in its 34,592nd format. Please be careful with your discarded skins.

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those of us with vr minecraft on pc already know what the immersive” and “living room” versions are. immersive is like every other 1st person vr experience. the living room experience, creates a virtual living room around you and screen in front as if you are playing in front of your tv. its honestly a bit redundant, but its less nauseating for those with that problem.