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Minecraft Is Also A Musical Instrument That Can Play Movie Theme Songs

We know that hit game Minecraft could use some long-term goals. You learn to play it, you survive the monsters, you build a palace and then what?


Treat it like a musical instrument, perhaps.

The January addition of musical blocks to Minecraft encouraged someone to create a block arrangement that could play the theme song for Portal 2. Not bad. This is better: YouTube user Grande1899 used those blocks to recreate theme song to the movie Requiem For A Dream, first in February, and then again this month in the version you see up top.


For comparison, here is the original composition from Darren Aranofsky's movie, composed by Clint Mansell. (Gamers, Mansell is also scoring Mass Effect 3).

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Well done!

Man, Requiem For A Dream, what a disturbing movie. Is it weird that whenever I think of that movie I think of one of the ending scenes where that girl, well you know what she is doing, so she can get her next fix...

I think I'll pass seeing the "Directors Cut"