'Minecraft 2' Runs On—What Else—Microsoft Excel

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It's a platform exclusive, yes, but in return, the game features greatly improved navigation, simplified crafting, and the one thing that's been missing from Minecraft all along: expense and efficiency reports.


This tongue-in-cheek "exclusive sneak peek" at " Minecraft 2" comes courtesy of letsplayer SethBling, who's made the spreadsheet accessible to all here. But not everyone has Excel, and these spreadsheet-based games don't always run as they should anyway, so here's the video:

I actually managed to get it to run in Libreoffice, but I couldn't manipulate any blocks. Does that count as DRM?

Minecraft 2 by Microsoft (Early Access Beta Test) [SethBling@YouTube]

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Looks like this one 'excels' over the first game.