Minecraft 1.8: It's (Almost) Adventure Time!

Having given up on Minecraft a long time ago, I'm actually looking forward to the vaunted "Adventure" update, which will finally add a little purpose to the game.


Minecraft 1.8, as the Adventure update is more formally known, will add improved graphics, tweaked health systems, improved combat mechanics and, most important of all, stuff to do, like visiting towns full of NPCs and raiding dungeons. I'm but a man, there's only so much I can occupy myself with in the game before I need others to step in!

We can expect 1.8 within the next few weeks. Hopefully.

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Nicholas de Lucca

Anyone else though instead of "Just don't look" it was going to be "Just don't Blink!"? Just asking, i'm not saying anything about the weeping an.. I mean the endermen.