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Mind Control That Ain’t Working Is My Favorite Panel From This Week’s Comics. What’s Yours?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Get it right, people: the women who’ve worn the mantle of the Femme Fatale in Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip’s excellent noir Fatale series don’t have a superpower. They have a curse, one that they’ve occasionally been able to turn to their advantage.

But the ability to make any man do what they want has drawn a powerful toll on these women’s lives. In this week’s new issue, we meet Black Bonnie, an outlaw Old West predecessor to modern-day protagonist Jo. She heads up a gang of bandits with her ability but gets drawn into drama that reveals the horrific associations where the curse comes from. It’s a great standalone issue that serves to build the lore in the series.


Part of what makes Fatale work is how there’s so much sublimated desire roiling around. It operates around the idea of a seduction that can never be consummated and the resulting frustration fuels the flames of inevitable tragedy. With the talent on this book, I’m sure the heat’s just going to keep on increasing.

Parents Just Don’t Understand: Young Avengers #3


Y’know, with all the teen superheroes running around comics nowadays, it still feels like the issues of youthful rebellion and parental restriction gets handled in pretty ham-fisted fashion. So, it’s great that Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and crew seem to be attacking that reality, while also making the teen angst that their characters are going through feel more relatable than in other books.


Yes, the evil parents in the current story arc are stiff and Stepfordian, but it feels like a commentary on how parents are portrayed in superhero comics. The dialogue crackles and the art flows wonderfully, too. Be a good child and pick this one up.

What about you? What sequences or covers from this week's comics made your eyeballs happy? Share ‘em in the comments below.