Millionaire Forgets To Pay Electric Bill

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Today, the top streamer on Twitch was forced to quit mid-stream because, he says, he forgot to pay his power bill. He is a millionaire. You hate to see it.


These days, Félix “xQc” Lengyel is notably more mature than the guy who got booted from an Overwatch League team in 2018 after a string of behavioral infractions, but nobody would ever, ever, ever, ever, ever accuse him of being particularly calculated in his approach to streaming. For better or worse, chaotic energy is part of his appeal.

Today, in the middle of a GTA role-playing stream, Lengyel suddenly went offline. Nobody was sure why. A little later, Lengyel took to Twitter to explain:

“Forgot to pay the electricity bill,” he wrote in all-caps that Kotaku has edited to keep your eyes from hurting. “Power went down, stream did too. Will be back on later today or tomorrow. Ups and downs last stream, but overall good!”

As r/Livestreamfail and Dexerto have pointed out, Lengyel is a millionaire. Also, autopay exists. In response to these facts, Lengyel, a Canadian, blamed Canada.

“Autopay was on, but my credit card limit is the same I had when I was 12, so sometimes it’s empty and payment can’t go through,” he said on Twitter. “Just Canadian bank stuff, move along.”

Fellow streamer (and housemate/partner) Adept backed up Lengyel’s account.

“Damn, I was gonna try to push for a longer stream, but we forgot to pay our electric bill so they shut us down,” she wrote on Twitter. “See y’all after a nappy nap.”


Millionaire streamers: They’re just like us!

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Why the hell does it come off a credit card? Does Direct Debit not exist in Canada? Or if it has to be a card, why not a debit card?

Also wtf was he doing with a credit card at 12? So many questions!