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Milla Heads Up Clock Tower Cast

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Milla Jovovich just can't get away from scary Capcom video game movies. Having played Alice in all three live-action Resident Evil movies, Milla is now taking on the role of Alyssa Hale, the 17-year-old girl suffering from multiple personality disorder in the movie adaptation of Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within (Clock Tower Ghost Head in Japan). She'll be joining actresses Brittany Snow and Alyssa Jayne Hale on the film, with shooting kicking off next month. This would have been excellent news for me last week, but at some point over the weekend they were showing Ultraviolet on TNT, so thoughts of Milla currently leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Jovovich Makes Time for Clock Tower []


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Not a Jovovich fan, honestly. She looks a bit too mannish in a lot of her movies, not to mention she's single-handedly responsible for ruining the chances of a good Resident Evil movie ever being made.

Not to mention Fahey's right, Ultraviolet is just the essence of suffering in movie form. I think I'll be skipping this one.