Military Developers Talk Wii Remote-Controlled Robots

CNN has just run an interesting segment on military robots coming in the near future that will be controlled using the Nintendo Wii remote, looking at the pros and cons of Wii-bots.

The main benefit of using a Wii remote to control military robots is the ease of use, especially compared to today's control panels, which feature more than 40 buttons that a soldier must keep on top of during sensitive procedures. On the other hand, developers have to overcome sensitivity concerns to make sure a twitching soldier doesn't accidentally set off a bomb or alert enemies to the robot's presence, while also making sure the signal cannot be hacked. The last thing we need is for the enemy to pull out their own Wii remotes, as hilarious as the mental picture that brings to mind may be.


How long until we start getting photos of remotes stuck in jeep windshields?


I'm sorry, but this story is absolute bullshit. If the military were to make motion controlled robots, I think they would dedicate themselves to creating their own controller.