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Mike Myers' Mii A "Frightening Representation"

Apparently, Mike Myers and I have different definitions of the word "exactly." Perhaps it's the Canadian definition, as Myers' assertion that his Mii looks "exactly" like him is more of a "kind of" or "barely" in my opinion. While, I assume, pitching The Love Guru on The Tonight Show, Myers exposed his Wii avatar to the television viewing public, one which could easily be confused with Hawkman's Mii.


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There is a resemblance to his Mii but I think it doesn't look enough like him. I'm guessing that his self-image is distorting what he should look like as a Mii. Everyone tends to have a skewed image of what they look like. I used a mirror when I made my own personal Mii. All it would take is a few minor adjustments to get a better likeness.