The Miiverse on the Wii U can be a terrifying & wonderful place. We here at Kotaku feel like it deserves a little more attention. So in that vein, we're starting a series called Miiverse Moments, where we shine a spotlight on the good, the bad and the weird of Nintendo's social media platform.

Today's Miiverse Moment is a bit of Zen wisdom from the foul depths of the Rapala Pro Bass Fishing community. Contemplate this absurdist, cheesy koan and ask yourself "What the hell would possess you to post that on the Rapala Pro Bass Fishing community?" :

Miiverse Moments is an ongoing series showcasing the best, the worst and the weirdest that the Wii U's Miiverse has to offer. If you stumble across something exceptionally amazing, foul or funny in the Miiverse, feel free to share it in the comments.