Midway recently combined its Midway Los Angeles studio with its San Diego one, a move the publisher says will help the TNA Impact! team work better with its other studios in Chicago, Austin, Seattle and Newcastle, UK. Midway looks ready to increase the focus on that studio, hiring more staff there as well.

Midway's third-party production, licensing and quality assurance groups are also in San Diego, so it makes sense they'd want the development team to be nearby them... wait, all this time Midway's quality assurance has been in a different city than its wrestling franchise development team?

...Hmm! Full announcement after the jump.

Midway to Combine Southern California Development Studios

Combination of Los Angeles and San Diego Studios Will Allow Greater Synergies and Coordination in Support of TNA Wrestling Franchise and Other Projects

CHICAGO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Midway Games Inc. (NYSE:MWY), a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer, today announced it will be combining the operations of Midway Studios – Los Angeles, located in Moorpark, CA, with Midway Home Entertainment, located in San Diego, CA. The newly combined operations will be located at Midway Home Entertainment's current San Diego facility. The majority of Moorpark employees, including the entire development team for Midway's TNA iMPACT!™ franchise, are being offered the opportunity to transfer to the San Diego facility. Midway expects to complete the transition out of the Moorpark facility by September 30, 2008.

Combining the locations will allow the TNA iMPACT! development team to further leverage synergies with Midway's other development studios in Chicago, Austin, Seattle, and Newcastle, UK, and work in close conjunction with the third-party production, licensing, and quality assurance groups that are currently in San Diego. In addition, the San Diego area has a strong interactive entertainment talent base that will greatly help fuel Midway's future growth.

As part of this move, Midway expects in the near future to look for new talent in its San Diego studio. For a list of available positions please visit www.midway.com.