Midway Launches Two Digital Distro Sites

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Midway launched two online storefronts for its arcade, PC and touchscreen titles - the first, Midway Arcade, currently offers more than 25 of the company's arcade-style titles like Defender, Joust, Spy Hunter and Mahki, starting at three titles for five bucks.


The Midway Arcade site lets players post their high scores, too. Additionally, Midway's opened a digital storefront on its main site, where you can buy titles like Stranglehold, UT3 and BlackSite: Area 51 as direct downloads.

Full announcement with prices listed follows the jump.

Midway Launches MidwayArcade.com Casual Games Site for

Pick-Up-and-Play Classics

Company Also Announces Digital Storefront at Midway.com

CHICAGO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Today, Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), a leading interactive entertainment software publisher and developer, announced two new online storefronts for downloadable distribution of titles from the company's vast catalog of arcade, PC and touchscreen titles.

Beginning today, gamers can go to www.midwayarcade.com to download versions of the company's arcade classics and touch screen favorites. More than 25 classic titles, such as Defender®, Joust®, Spy Hunter® and Mahki®, are now available for download, starting for as little as 3 games for US$5.

In addition, Midway also announced the launch of a digital storefront at www.midway.com. The new site is intended for the North American market, and features ten recent Midway® releases, starting at $9.99 per game.


Midwayarcade.com and the storefront at midway.com were built by Digital River, Inc. (Nasdaq: DRIV), a leading provider of global e-commerce solutions. For the online stores, Digital River is managing the online sale and download of Midway games, offering customers a seamless shopping experience and immediate access to popular Midway titles.

"We are excited to work with Midway Games and help maximize the sales opportunities on its online stores," said Don Peterson, Digital River's Senior Vice President of Global Client Development. "Using our e-commerce expertise, we can help Midway offer a consistent, reliable and user-friendly way for its consumers to purchase their favorite Midway games."


"The Midway brand has a long and rich history of fast-paced and addictive games from our arcade and touchscreen heritage," said Mona Hamilton, vice president, marketing, Midway Home Entertainment. "The new digital storefront at midway.com and the casual games site at midwayarcade.com allow us to deliver these classics, favorites and recent releases directly to a wide-range of Midway fans."


MidwayArcade.com will give longtime arcade and touchscreen fans a chance to replay some of the classic Midway games from years past. Players can post their high scores on the site.


Arcade Games – APB™, Arch Rivals®, Cyberball™, Defender®, Gauntlet® 2, Rampage®, Rootbeer Tapper®, Spy Hunter®, Joust®, Primal Rage®, Super Offroad®, Total Carnage™, Wizard of Wor®, Robotron: 2084®.

Titles from the Midway arcade catalog are available for purchase in bundles of 3 for US$5, 5 for US$8 and 7 for US$10. All 14 Midway arcade titles can be purchased for US$15.


Touchmaster® Games – 3 Peak Deluxe®, 5 Star Generals®, Crystal Balls®, Gem Slide®, Go Wild™, Mahjongg Pairs, Mahki®, Powercell®, Solitaire, Target 21®, Trivia, Word Search, Wordz®. Casual Touchmaster games are available for US$5 each.

For more information, log onto http://www.midwayarcade.com.

Midway Online Store

Gamers can visit Midway.com to purchase games and download them directly to their PC's for immediate play.


Midway games that are now offered for digital purchase include:

Unreal Tournament 3 – US$29.95

Midway Arcade Treasures™ - US$19.99

Midway Arcade Treasures™ Deluxe - US$19.99

Area 51® - US$14.99

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy® - US$14.99

The Suffering® - US$9.99

The Suffering: Ties That Bind® - US$14.99

Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War® - US$19.99

Stranglehold® - US$19.95

Blacksite: Area 51® - US$19.95

For more information, visit www.midway.com.

About Digital River, Inc.

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Founded in 1994, Digital River is headquartered in Minneapolis with offices in major U.S. cities as well as Cologne, Germany; London, England; Shannon, Ireland; Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Stockholm, Sweden; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; and Shanghai, China. For more details about Digital River, visit the corporate Web site at www.digitalriver.com or call 952-253-1234.

About Midway

Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices throughout the world, is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for major videogame systems and personal computers. More information about Midway and its products can be found at www.midway.com.


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Superfluous second digital storefront is superfluous?

They couldn't find a way to get the two to work together as one? That's just bad business. I know they're two somewhat separate business models, but it would really behoove Midway to put them together. That's the whole idea behind places like Wal-Mart and Target, right? That by offering loads of diverse crap you capitalise on the eyeballs drawn to your store by people shopping for (any random crap you sell goes here), and then they stay to buy the (other random crap you sell goes here)? So wouldn't it make more sense to put these together so, say, if I go to buy Stranglehold, I see I can buy arcade titles too? Or, conversely, Midway can make it a guarantee that I won't go to that store... unless I happen to want exactly what limited goods that store sells...

Fail, Midway. Fail, fail, fail.