Remember the Xbox One reveal? There was a lot of talk about TV, wasn't there? Now Microsoft's new console is out and all that TV-centric chatter has died down. But there's a lot of work happening to produce and deliver original shows directly to Xbox users. Microsoft clearly wants Xbox Live to become the next Netflix.

You'll have to sit through some jargony blather but this Bloomberg News interview with Nancy Tellem—the woman in charge of Xbox's entertainment division—does offer some details on the TV deals the company's working on. It sounds like the Steven Spielberg-helmed Halo projectis still a long ways off and that they'd be open to the possibility of shows tied into Fable, Gears of War or Forza.

Microsoft's got huge ambitions on making their game hardware a viable place for watching TV. And it sounds like they're going to be spending a lot of time and resources on creating their own shows, which you will watch on other Microsoft devices but in other places as well.