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Last year, Microsoft launched Kodu, a picture-based programming language, on the Xbox 360. It was such a simple programming language that the company made me a game on it in 10 minutes. Now, that platform has come to PCs.


As far as I can tell, this might the first game-programming language inspired by a three-year-old and Facebook. Here's part of Microsoft's announcement of Kodu coming to computers:

The inspiration for Kodu came from [Kodu creator Matthew] MacLaurin's daughter. A few years ago, MacLaurin noticed his daughter, then 3 years old, watching his wife browse her Facebook page. He flashed back to his early experiences with a computer, comparing the passive experience his daughter was having to the coding he did to interact with the machine. It was a sad realization, he said.


Kodu is available for download for Windows computers. Click through the link below to check it out. It is also available on the Xbox 360 through the platform's Indie Games channel.

Kodu Game-Creation Tool for Kids Adapted for the PC

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