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Once the poster lovable wild animals for Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect peripheral, the Kinectimals now appear to be feline ambassadors of goodwill to the iPad and iPhone. How very odd.


Released last month for the Windows Phone 7, Kinectimals for iOS devices retains all the functionality of that version, right down to the ability to transfer your pets back and forth between your Xbox 360 and your iPhone or iPad. Select from five different kitty cubs (sorry, no bears yet) and teach your new friend how to coexist with man in a completely unrealistic environment where it won't grow up to eat you.


I suppose it's good to see Microsoft applications like this and Halo: Waypoint showing up on non-Microsoft devices. I'd like to think this is a case of if you can't beat 'em, sell a couple hundred thousand copies on a platform that actually has enough users to support it.

Kinectimals [iTunes]

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