Microsoft To Let Other Companies Build, Release 360 Consoles?

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Yeah, this one's a rumour. A crazy rumour, right? Maybe not as crazy as you think, so bear with us. Here's what Quartermann says in the latest issue of EGM:

We'll tell you what's up with Microsoft: new hardware options. It may sound totally insane — trust us, we did a double-take the first time Qmann whispered it in our ears — but word has it that Microsoft may begin allowing third-party manufacturers to create Xbox 360 hardware. And we're not talking about peripherals, people; we mean hardware that runs 360 game discs created by someone other than Microsoft.


Nuts nuts, yes? Probably. But at least think about it. It's not like such a move would be without precedent. You could purchase Sega CD drives for PCs. Panasonic released the Q, a Japan-only GameCube that doubled as a DVD player. And we've heard whispers that Microsoft have also been exploring the idea of releasing 360-compatible disc drives for the PC. Not that any of that makes the prospect of seeing, say, a Samsung Xbox 360/Blu-Ray player any more likely (as the rumour seems to suggest), but hey, crazier things have happened.

Quartermann [Electronic Gaming Monthly]


@creid: The problems were mostly the result of design flaws. These flaws were not caught during beta testing since it was rushed to market. A better hardware manufacturer would help but that is only half of the equation.

A good team of engineers and industrial designers is also necessary. Microsoft placed most of the focus on technology with the 360. Not enough work was done to address concerns about form factor, operating noise, and other annoyances that industrial designers would tackle.