Microsoft Suing To Get Some 360s Back

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For American readers, know this: British retailer Woolworths are done for. They close up shop today. But out in Woolworths warehouses across Britain are tons of Xbox 360 consoles. And Microsoft want them back.


To that effect, they're preparing to sue Deloitte, the administrators of Woolworths' rotting corpse. See, as an administrator, Deloitte would be expecting to make a quick buck selling off Woolworths remaining stock at crazy prices. Including 360 consoles.

To stop this from happening, Microsoft are going to argue that, under Britain's "retention of title" rules, because Woolworths are on their way out and either haven't paid for the consoles or owe Microsoft money, they can seize back the consoles.

Should be a good to-and-fro!

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Near where I live, a pub was going bankrupt, so the manager took everything, all the stock, booze, crisps, lemons, etc, took it all and ran away.

I think Woolworths should do the same "every-man-for-himself" style.