Microsoft Sued Over Memory Card Crackdown

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You know Datel? I like Datel, mostly because they made the Freeloader for the GameCube/Wii. Well, Datel are in the process of taking Microsoft to court over Xbox 360 memory cards.


The dispute between the two companies stems from a recent move by Microsoft to block the use of "unauthorised", third-party memory cards on their 360 consoles.

Microsoft are no doubt making the move in order to crack down on cheats, who can use expandable Datel cards (ones you can slide a MicroSD card into) to get around the 360's coding.


Datel, however, think it's just bully tactics aimed at a third-party vendor capitalising on Microsoft's exorbitant peripheral pricing. "Microsoft's purpose in disabling Datel's memory cards is to prevent consumers from choosing a Datel product that offers far better value for the price," a Datel statement reads.

"There is no benefit to consumers from Microsoft's decision to target and disable Datel's memory cards. To the contrary, Microsoft's actions will leave approximately 50,000 consumers with useless memory cards and (without the ability to access their data on the cards), forestall innovation, and deprive future consumers of the benefits of competition."

Datel sues Microsoft over Xbox 360 memory unit crackdown [TechFlash]

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I can see both sides to this arguement. On the one side... yes... proprietary, overpriced peripereals are a royal pain in the ass. On the other side, these unautorized memory devices are much easier for pirates and theives to expoit. Me personally? I'd rather pay the higher price if it keeps a few more theives and modders off Live.