Microsoft Says It Has Fixed Mysterious Xbox Gamerscore Disappearances [UPDATE]

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Many gamers panicked this morning when their Gamerscores—records of everything they've done on their Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles—zeroed out. Microsoft says not to worry. They've resolved the issue.


"For those experiencing Gamerscore issues, please sign out and then back into your profile to resolve," the company said on its @XboxSupport account. The account has also responded to individual gamers, saying it is "looking into" resolving all specific issues.

If logging in and out doesn't restore your account, Microsoft says you should try re-downloading your profile.


Many Xbox 360 owners reported both on the official Xbox forums and in e-mails to Kotaku this morning that their Achievements—individual trophies earned by completing specific tasks or missions in games—either partially or completely disappeared this morning.

Some gamers said that by logging off and back in, they fixed the issue. Other gamers say even re-downloading their profiles has not restored their accounts.

Posting on its official forums this morning, Microsoft said it had solved the problem.

"The issue that some customers were experiencing with zero Achievements and Gamerscores has now been resolved," the company said. "We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. You may need to log off and log back in for the information to be updated."


Update: As The Verge points out, Microsoft posted another update on the forums after this story's publication saying that the fix will remove any achievements that gamers have earned since the issue began.

Update 2: Microsoft reached out to us this afternoon, saying that "all achievements earned during the outage will be resolved within 24 hours."

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Carl On Duty

Just goes to show you the PS3 fanboys will find whatever reason, how minor it may be, to trash the XBOX!