Microsoft Responds To October NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

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With Fable II topping the software charts and the Xbox 360 outselling the PlayStation 3 almost two to one in the U.S., we'd imagine that Microsoft is putting all that nasty Summer underperformance behind it. The company responded to solid hardware sales in October, saying it "outsold PS3 by nearly 2:1 this month." Hey! We already said that! Microsoft's response also notes worldwide sales of Fable II, now over 1.5 million copies. Gears of War 2 also gets touted for its 2 million copies sold and 1.5 million log ins via Xbox Live. The company is also careful to remind you that some games you won't buy at anywhere nearly that rate — You’re in the Movies and Lips — are coming out. The usual numbers are trotted out — the attach rate, the third party success, the ship date of the New Xbox Experience. You know the drill. If not, hit up the official statement. It's gloaty!

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 nearly 2:1 in October, Fable II debuts at #1 Xbox 360 hardware sales continue to surge after price drop With 371,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in October and a 33% increase in average weekly run rates from September, the Xbox 360 outsold PS3 by nearly 2:1 this month. Consumers are eager to get the most affordable next generation video game and entertainment system on the market, just in time for the New Xbox Experience, which launches next Wednesday, November 19 (October NPD data). “Fable II” debuts exclusively on Xbox 360 with a record-setting pace · Since its U.S. launch on Oct. 21, “Fable II” has sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide for Xbox 360 in the first two weeks of retail, making it the fastest selling RPG on Xbox 360 and the most popular game, across all platforms, in the US in October. (October NPD data and Microsoft Internal Data) “Gears of War 2” has a blockbuster opening weekend · Following its Nov. 7 launch, 2 million copies of “Gears of War 2” sold worldwide during its first weekend of availability. The sequel to the fastest-selling video game of 2006 and one of the most popular games in Xbox history is setting the pace again for blockbusters this holiday. (Microsoft Internal Data) · More than 1.5 million people logged into “Gears of War 2” on Xbox LIVE during its first weekend, racking up a total 15 million hours of game play, helping set a new record for concurrent LIVE players Xbox 360 blockbusters are flying off shelves and ready for holiday gamers This holiday season, the Xbox 360 blockbusters are here and we have something to excite everyone. October NPD numbers show a record software attach rate of 8.1 and industry leading software spend reaching $244 million this month on the Xbox 360, thanks to a slew of new titles. Xbox owners are flocking to blockbuster titles such as “Fable II,” “Gears of War 2,” and “Fallout 3.” And we know Xbox 360 owners will also be eager to get their hands on social games like “Lips” and “You’re in the Movies” when they debut in the coming weeks. With a line up like this, it’s no surprise Xbox 360 games had half of the top ten slots this month. Third-party publishers have blockbuster success on Xbox 360 · Third-party publishers helped Xbox 360 reach $171 million on third-party game spend in October, further boosting Xbox 360’s total third-party game sales this generation to $4.5 billion, or a 57% share. (October NPD data) · After an Oct. 28 launch, “Fallout 3” is off to a hot start with the Xbox 360 version taking the no. 3 software spot in October. (October NPD data) · Also earning a debut on the top 10 games list for October is the Xbox 360 version of “Saints Row 2” at no. 6. (October NPD data) And of course just days from now, on Nov. 19, the New Xbox Experience will launch in time for the holiday shopping season, which will completely recast the Xbox 360. Look for an enhanced user experience including the ability to enjoy hit movies from Netflix instantly and in high definition exclusively on Xbox 360, a bold new User Interface, avatars, and LIVE parties. We’re optimistic for a great holiday season with an entertainment system that has something for everyone.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

-Rare had a rather lukewarm year. The VP remake was priced too high for what it was and Nuts and Bolts is just typical Rare tripe. That's not very good for a 1st party studio you paid a chunk of cash for.

-All these new 360 owners could bite you in the ass if there's more hoilday LIVE lag like last year and people can't play all those games your going on about.

-You only outsold the PS3 due to a price cut you should have done at the start of the year.

-RROD repairs need a little "We are sorry" gift with them, Give away some Microsoft Points or something.

-Live Bannings aren't done nearly enough. One huge wave every twice a year does nothing to stem the tide.

-A lot of Xbox Live Arcade titles need to be made cheaper. I know pricing is left up to the various developers, but come on, no one's gonna pay 800 points for Undertow or TMNT:Arcade Game.

-I'm not feeling the love or the reasons for paying 50 dollars a month for Live Gold like I used to. And IMHO, I doubt i'm the only one.

-Fable 2's snafus with it's CE never need to happen again. Ever.