Microsoft Plans To Compete With Steam Via Live Marketplace

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Games for Windows Live general manager Chris Early tells Shacknews in a soon-to-be published interview that Microsoft has designs on digitally distributing full PC games via Live Marketplace, saying selling games a la Steam is "on our road map." A forthcoming update to Games For Windows Live will bring about the capability to download demos, media, and microtransaction caliber content. Eventually, that may mean a proper digital distirbution solution for PC games sold via Live Marketplace. According to the brief interview snippet, it sounds like Microsoft is still figuring that out. We just hope it involves Clippy the paperclip saying things like "It looks like you want to reduce the number of computers on which you can install this game. Would you like help"? Microsoft Confirms Plans to Challenge Steam with Digital Distribution of Full PC Titles [Shacknews]



This is what I want...

No third party DRM. Login methods similar to Steam. An established user forum, community, and method to talk to one another.

Interesting titles aside from the generic Frontlines: Fuel of War; Flight Simulator X, and whatnot.

Point is, they have to be BETTER than Steam to get me to be arsed enough to move away. Granted, the recent DRM issues haven't been sitting well with me.