Believe it or not, Genji developers Game Republic made a game for Microsoft that it thought was even less marketable than Every Party, the team's lame duck party game that never made it out of Japan. Game Republic president and former Capcom designer Yoshiki Okamoto tells 1UP that the Folklore devs were nine months into a project that Microsoft just wasn't interested in. Why would Microsoft pass on a uniquely Japanese title, one with the Okamoto pedigree? Okamoto theorizes that Microsoft had simply given up on the Japanese market. After showing their follow up to Every Party to Microsoft, the publisher passed. But development continued at Game Republic, hoping that the company would come around. Okamoto calls the gamble "a major mistake for us and a bad move for our company early on." What we're interested in knowing is how this mystery title could be any more unappealing that both Genji games? Okamoto says that the canceled Xbox 360 game "is gone for good" so it will remain a question for the ages, we suppose. Game Republic's Canceled Xbox 360 Game [1UP]