Yesterday, we posted a suspicious rumor sourced from the VGChartz forums, one that foretold of an Xbox 360 relaunch. Said relaunch was to arrive with new, currently unannounced features, new exclusive game announcements, new free Xbox Originals, free puppies and kittens and a full service massage. Full service. It stank to high heaven of fanboy secretion, but, hey, you never know. Well, in some cases you do know and the swift denial from G4 that it was somehow involved in a relaunch certainly helped. Microsoft, however, has chosen not to go for flat out denial of the outlandish rumor, instead opting to not comment. "As always we don't comment on rumors or speculation," said a rep for the company. "We are launching the New Xbox Experience this fall," the response reminded us, adding that we'll be updated on the latest. Then there was a little smiley and that made us feel pretty good.