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Click to viewRight now, there aren't many/any 360s in Japan. Place went bananas for Tales of Vesperia, they're practically sold out, and won't be getting any more in for a while. When they do come back in, there'll be a slight change: they'll be cheaper. A lot cheaper. Microsoft Japan have announced that - as was rumoured last week when Bic Camera accidentally jumped the gun - the 360's due for some price cuts. The Arcade 360 will have its price slashed by ¥8,000 to ¥19,800 (USD$182), which makes it significantly cheaper than the ¥25,000 Wii. The Pro and Elite will also be reduced, by ¥5,000 (from ¥34,800 to ¥29,800/USD$274) and ¥8,000 (from ¥47,800 to ¥39,800/USD$367) respectively. Microsoft Japan to cut price of Xbox 360 console by 30 pct - report [Forbes]


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