Microsoft Having Panty Problems?

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Gal☆Gun is one crazy game. It's wall-to-wall underpants. And when there aren't underpants, there are tentacles. The game — certainly "suitable" for players under 18 — even has a panic screen. No wonder Microsoft wants some changes.


The game is only 79 days away from release, but Microsoft requested meetings with the title's developer, Alchemist. On the game's official site, the developer declared a "state of emergency" and suspended the game's countdown clock. Microsoft, it seems, is asking for some tweaks. In its official notice, Alchemist mentions "underwear" in parenthesis.

In Japan, Xbox 360 fans are referred to "chikan" or "molesters". Could Microsoft's revisions be connected to a desire by the company to appeal to a more mainstream audience and sanitize its imagine in Japan?

As Kotaku mentioned during the Tokyo Game Show, the game is an on-rails first person shooter that pits players and their pheromone firing powers against dozens of female admirers who try to win your affection with love notes, submissive gestures and glistening doe eyed looks of love. Players can, in Doki Doki Mode, target girls part by part and assault them with your pheromone shot. Meaning? Upskirt galore. The game takes every questionable stereotype about Japan and Japanese gaming and runs with it.

Gal☆Gun is scheduled for release next January, full of pheromones and, perhaps, fewer underpants.


ぎゃる☆がん [Official Site]



Blowing peoples brains out? sure no problem

Kerb stomping and crushing skulls? keep on moving

Knickers? Whooah there