Microsoft Has Over 140 Demo Kiosks, Buddies With Square Enix

Tokyo time tomorrow, this year's TGS kicks off. Microsoft is already hyping its close proximity to the Square Enix booth as a "cooperative" effort for both companies. Xbox Japan marketing exec Jyoji Sakaguchi explains the game plan:

We're going to take advantage of our booths being side-by-side, because both the Square Enix and Microsoft booths are working in tandem. This time around, we're putting the greatest importance in getting the largest number of visitors to play our games. At the Microsoft and the Square Enix booths, we're holding a lottery. The winner gets to go to the Square Enix booth and play... You'll have to wait to that day to see what happens. (laughs)

He's not kidding about getting a large number of visitors to play Xbox 360 games. Microsoft is rolling out over 140 demo kiosks at TGS. 【TGS2008特報!】ゲームを遊びまくり! 140台以上の試遊台を用意するマイクロソフトブース [ Thanks, Mike!]

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The secret game they alluded to is interesting... I hope it's not a 360 Exclusive FF7 remake. That'd just be cruel and unusual punishment to the Sony fans.