The public relations war we sometimes call E3 has begun a few days early, it seems, with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg taking to Twitter to fire a shot across Sony's bow in the leadup to the big trade show.

I'm sure it was intended to rally the Xbox 360 fanboys to the flag for the next seven days, but it's had an unforeseen impact on me: sadness.


Not sadness that in 2010 console executives are still engaged in this kind of duelling (it's a guilty pleasure, one I wish more would partake in), but sadness that Uncharted 2, which is probably the best game of any mentioned above, is simply lumped in as a failed contributor, one corpse among many that litter the road towards Microsoft's June 9 Twitter public relations effort.

On this note, then, I think I'll go play Uncharted 2 again.

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