Microsoft Games Are Coming To Android, iOS Phones

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You read that right. Develoepr Klab will be bringing a mobile version of Age of Empires to both iOS and Android devices later this year.


A report on Nikkei says the game will be free-to-play, so it's likely a port of the recent PC reboot of the series. It's also merely the first in a line of Microsoft properties the Japanese developer will be porting to mobile.

Weird that a Microsoft franchise would be coming to phones that aren't Windows phones. Weird, but smart.


If Age of Empires is first, I wonder what's next. Halo Wars might be in line for a second wind, and Project Gotham is due for some re-release love as well...

UPDATE - Ah, seems the games will be coming to Windows Phones as well.

マイクロソフト、他社スマホにゲーム配信 iPhoneなど 囲い込み戦略転換、日本勢にも影響か [Nikkei]

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Not sure why some of the villages are trying to mine what appears to be gold (upper section) while the rest are maybe going into battle. BUT, is it me or this box is in the air?