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Microsoft Doesn't Feel Bad About Flip-Flopping On Xbox One Policies

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Doesnt Feel Bad About Flip-Flopping On Xbox One Policies

Mandatory Kinect. Unpopular game-sharing rules. An online connection requirement for starting games. The summer has seen Microsoft back away from all of those things as it prepares to deliver the Xbox One to a next-gen-hungry world. The company’s gotten a lot of flack for their reversals on the strategies once attached to their upcoming console but a Microsoft exec says that they’ve got no regrets about the choices they made.


Talking to MCV, Xbox Europe VP Chris Lewis talked about the logic behind initial Xbox One policy and the thinking behind the switch-ups::

"… we remain true to our vision that we want to be wherever our consumers want us to be. We think that digital consumption patterns will change and grow over time. We think that the Cloud gives you a level of sophistication, depth and breadth that people can only dream of. And overtime more people will embrace that.

That said, we want to offer consumers choice, including physical discs and being able to do all the things that they want with those physical discs. We want to be available in any format that our consumers are looking for. We've always been very committed to consumer choice."

"As a business, the minute we don't listen to our customers attentively, and adapt and react in an appropriate way, then we would be in a dangerous place," Lewis observed, when asked whether Microsoft could have stuck to its guns. "I love the fact that we are reactive and agile in that way. We remain true to our vision - digitally and physically - and we are genuinely in an enviable position versus anyone else in being able to deliver that. I wouldn't trade places with anybody.”


Lewis also said that, despite the fact that they’re rolling out new hardware, folks shouldn’t worry about a supply of Xbox 360 games drying up anytime soon. Check out the whole interview on MCV for how Lewis sees the upcoming showdown with PS4 and more.

[MCV, via NeoGAF]

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Still pretty surprised everyone on this site finds the $100 such a big barrier. especially on this site, it seems that so many are pretty well educated and dont work fast food. I know not everyone but $100 is like the cost of two dates? Three dinners with a girlfriend?? I donno I understand if people want to spend less but I just dont believe when so many say they can't afford it. I welcome civilized feedback though. :)