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Microsoft Confirms Corrinne Yu Hire, Internal Halo Team Expansion

Yesterday, we broke that Gearbox Director of Technology Corrinne Yu has been hired by Microsoft Game Studios to be Principle Engine Architect for Microsoft's Halo Franchise Team. Microsoft has confirmed to Kotaku that Yu had in fact been hired by Microsoft. "As the Halo franchise continues to flourish, Microsoft Game Studios is growing its internal team to develop future Halo projects," Microsoft stated.We've been told by several industry sources that Yu was part of a package deal. She, and her husband, Kenneth Scott are both joining Microsoft Game Studios. Scott is an art director at id Software, most recently working on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. But why does it matter that Corrinne Yu is headed for Microsoft Game Studios? Let's look at the tech Gearbox is using and deduce from that. Brothers in Arms, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands all use Unreal Engine 3 — with Borderlands using a heavily modded version of the Unreal Engine 3. Sources tell us that Yu has been staffed to work on the Peter Jackson Halo game, which Microsoft is still in the planning stages of. The company is ready to kick that project into full gear. (Remember this job ad?) And since Microsoft Game Studios is doing the Peter Jackson Halo game, that means the chances of Microsoft using Bungie's proprietary, in-house "Halo 3 Engine" are slim at best. Though, if she's not bringing her Unreal Engine 3 expertise to Microsoft's internal studio, she could very well be working on a new in-house engine specifically for the Peter Jackson game. [Pic]


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Oh noes a woman in da games industry! Someone tell the chugworth guy so he can make porn/guro about her!